The Worst Towns In England Have Been Named

Home sweet home. Most of us have a soft spot for where we were born and raised, but our hometowns aren’t always looked upon so favourably by others.

And this is where’s controversial annual rankings of English towns comes into play.

The website publishes a list every year, which stirs some pretty passionate responses from almost everyone who stumbles across it or seeks it out.

More than 125,000 people engaged with this year’s survey to find out the worst place to live in England, but first of all, a bit of good news for those towns that managed to move down the list in 2020.

  • Rotherham: Down 29 places to 34 
  • Stoke-on-trent: Down 26 places to 35 
  • Nottingham: Down 21 places to 27 
  • Rochdale: Down 19 places to 23 
  • Doncaster: Down 9 places to 11 
  • Keighley: Down 5 places to 12

However, if you’re from Peterborough, the list doesn’t make for such pleasant reading.

That’s because the town has retained it’s title for the third year in a row, in unanimous, emphatic fashion.

Writing about the Cambridgeshire town’s triumph, ilivehere wrote, “Retaining its crown as cherry on top of the sh#t cake and equalling a feat only achieved previously by the dystopian leviathan of Hull, Peterborough has topped the chart for 3 years in a row. Last year it won by the smallest of margins, this year it trounced all opposition, winning by thousands of votes despite having 2,000+ votes deducted because of vote rigging (c’mon now, who takes this tongue-in-cheek poll that seriously?!?). This Cambridgeshire **** town had a staggering number of votes daily from when the poll opened, nearly cashing the site at one point.”

The list in full is as follows:

  1. Peterborough
  2. Huddersfield
  3. Liverpool
  4. Bradford
  5. Hull
  6. Wakefield
  7. Luton
  8. Jaywick
  9. Torquay
  10. Halifax
  11. Doncaster
  12. Keighley
  13. Castleford
  14. Barnsley
  15. Blackpool
  16. Grimsby
  17. Oldham
  18. Aylesbury
  19. Newton Abbot
  20. Wigan
  21. Swanley
  22. Andover
  23. Rochdale
  24. Slough
  25. Ipswich
  26. Sunderland
  27. Nottingham
  28. Blackburn
  29. Bolton
  30. Aldershot
  31. Middlesborough
  32. Croydon
  33. Boscombe
  34. Rotherham
  35. Accrington
  36. Stoke on trent
  37. Leicester
  38. Burnley
  39. Reading
  40. Southampton
  41. York
  42. Brandon
  43. Barking & Dagenham
  44. Didcot
  45. Northampton
  46. Walsall
  47. Chichester
  48. Wolverhampton
  49. Boston
  50. Sheffield

Does your town make the list?


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