Irish Roofer Jailed For Storing €40,000 Of Heroin…In Roof

A roofer in Dublin will spend two-and-a-half years behind bars after police uncovered a stash of heroin worth €40,000 hidden behind the insulation in his attic.

Graham Lynch, a 41-year-old roofer from Blanchardstown, plead guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possession of heroin for sale or supply.

After initially uncovering a small amount of drugs in the living room and bedroom of the defendant during a raid, police were shocked to discover the sheer amount of heroin that was hidden behind the insulation.

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The drugs were being stored due to Lynch being in financial trouble and attempting to pay off a drug debt he owed, which required him to not only store the drugs in his home, but he was also instructed to distribute them when asked by those he owed money to.

As reported by Breaking News IE, Lynch told Irish police officials “he would get a call when a certain person “needed stuff” and he would pass on the drugs. He was delivering small quantities to people in his local area and was storing the rest of the drugs until he was told what to do with it.

In sentencing, Judge Melanie Greally took into consideration the fact that the defendant had only minor prior indiscretions on his record and that the father of two teenage boys had fallen to “a particular low” during which he “established anti-social contacts”.

As such, she sentenced the roofer to four years imprisonment, but suspended the final 18 months of the sentence on strict conditions, including that he follow all directions of the Probation Service for 12 months post release.

(H/T Breaking New IE)

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