Derbyshire Builder To Pocket £10,000 A Month For 30 Years

While most of us are well prepared to put the year that was 2020 behind us, one builder from Derbyshire will always remember it as the best year of his life – and there’s 3.6 million reasons why!

James Evans, a 21-year-old block paver, will bag a cheeky £10,000 every single month for the next 30 years – yes 30 years! – after correctly picking 5 main numbers on December 28 in the  National Lottery Set For Life draw.

That works out to be £3.6 million and as you can imagine, the young builder didn’t quite believe his luck when he first saw the results.

Not a bad little surprise in the bank account each month! Image: Camelot UK Lotteries Limited

Speaking to the Derby Telegraph, Evans said he “woke up on Tuesday morning and had forgotten all about the Set For Life ticket I had bought the day before”.

“I have been working consistently throughout the pandemic and I’ve been really busy, so I was enjoying some time off over the Christmas break.

“I turned on my PlayStation, ready to play a game and checked my emails whilst waiting for it to load. I noticed an email from The National Lottery to say I’d won a prize, but didn’t think too much of it as I’d won £5 not too long ago.”

“I checked the National Lottery app and saw that I had matched all of the five main numbers and the Life Ball. I couldn’t believe it! I ran down to my mum to get her to check but she wasn’t sure either.”

James Evans popping some champagne. Image: Camelot UK Lotteries Limited

To be fair, I don’t I would believe it either and be constantly refreshing my app to check that I had pocketed this eye-watering and life-changing amount of cash.

Incredibly the builder managed to keep his win secret all throughout the Christmas break, only revealing the winnings to his immediate family.

He said: “I started to think about all of the things I could do and buy. My first thought was a skiing trip to Canada with my family.

Despite a trip overseas on the cards in the near future, the builder maintains that he isn’t going to splash out and live a lavish lifestyle..but maybe a few more cold early mornings on site for the young builder might change his mind. Early days.

(H/T Derby Telegraph)

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