Stoke Labourer Wields Axe In Pub Fight. His Mum Disarms Him

A 24-year-old labourer from Stoke-On-Trent has been jailed for six months after arming himself with an axe during an altercation at a pub, with his mother bravely and successfully disarming him.

Labourer, Jordan Castrey, was drinking with a work-mate at The Oddfellows Arms in October last year, when the two of them got into an argument which ended with the pair spilling into the streets.

When it appeared that the altercation was over, Castrey went back into the pub and returned with an axe in hand, resulting in his mother intervening and safely removing the weapon before any damage was done.

Police arrested the labourer and placed him in custody though the trouble didn’t end there, with reports the young worker became irate in his cell, spitting at officers, kicking his cell door in anger and making threats to police officers.

Facing court over the incident last week, Prosecutor Cathlyn Orchard told the judge, ”Police officers heard shouting and swearing. There were seven to 10 men outside the pub. One officer noticed the defendant and another man lunging towards each other”, as reported in the Stoke Sentinel.

“The defendant went back inside the pub. Minutes later he came back out holding an axe in his right hand. He raised it towards the man. The other man was agitated. One of the officers stood between them.

“The defendant was told numerous times to put the axe down. His mum shouted at him and took the axe back inside the pub.”

Judge Sally Hancox told Castrey: “You have a really, really disappointing record of previous convictions.

“The event was short-lived. Your mother disarmed you very swiftly.”

With a string of prior offences to his name, he plead guilty to affray and possessing an axe in public, and received six months in prison.

(H/T Stoke Sentinel)

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