Woman Cops Backlash After Using Expanding Foam To Make ‘Cloud’ Table

An Australian Instagram model has copped backlash from tradesmen and other followers after sharing a video of her latest DIY project – a bedside table that looks like a cloud after she covered it in expanding foam.

Hannah Perera, a 24-year-old boasting 321,000 flowers, posted the clip onto the platform expecting most to be impressed at the creativity and innovation on display, however, a few tradesmen soon began to highlight a few of the safety issues by commenting on the clip.

Perhaps unaware of the potentially fatal consequences of sleeping next to this each night, one electrician appeared to try and warn her of the well documented studies that link an increased risk of cancer with the filler.

He wrote “You know it’s carcinogenic right?”.

This appeared to trigger Perea, responding with “So is pretty much everything on this planet”.

Snap. Death don’t scare this influencer!

Doubling down but trying to do the right thing, another electrician tried to warn the model that “as an electrician, we use maximum personal protective equipment when using filler or we try not to use it at all. Just giving a heads up, that’s all”.

It would appear that this time the message got through to her, as she then edited the original caption of the video with a warning to her followers who might be thinking of attempting this ‘DIY’ project themselves.

In an edited post she wrote: “P.s. I just want to add as it has now come to my attention, please be careful when using expanding foam. It can be very dangerous not only if inhaled”

“I was unaware of how extreme the risk it has on your internal body. This is not something I had seen on other influencers videos etc when they made the mirrors which is where I got my inspo from.” 

“Also incase you aren’t aware it is also extremely flammable whilst using it the gas’ used in the product is quite dangerous so please also be very careful on where you choose to use expanding foam”.

As reported in the Daily Mail, Scientists have demonstrated links between cancer and a plethora of foods, drinks and household substances in recent years.

One of these is formaldehyde, a naturally-occurring chemical made from hydrogen, oxygen and carbon.

Many household repair and cleaning products – including foam filler – are laced with formaldehyde, which can be fatal if it is ingested.

Low-level exposure over a prolonged period can result in skin conditions like dermatitis and lung complaints such as asthma.

Studies on lab rats and humans who are regularly exposed to formaldehyde through their jobs show it causes an increased risk of leukaemia and rare cancers including cancer of the sinuses and nasal cavity.

I mean we know people have gotten into their DIY during this pandemic but this is something else! Doesn’t even look good!

(H/T Daily Mail)

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