New Tesla Feature Lets You Change Car Horn Sound To Fart Noise

With a lot of pain and suffering going on in the world right now it’s nice to finally read a bit of lighter news and that comes courtesy of Tesla, who have released a new update to their vehicles that allows it’s users to customise the noise their horn makes.

And yes that includes a standard fart noise!

The long anticipated new Boombox mode, which allows you to broadcast custom audio on the outside of the car, was rolled out in the latest firmware update and means every time you pull up at a traffic light you can really mess with drivers and pedestrians near you.

You might be thinking – why does the car have speakers on the outside and how can it be legal as it would be distracting (and dangerous ) to other motorists?

As reported by The Verge, the speakers were added to models released after September 1st, 2019, after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration required electric cars that were silent to emit some noise to alert pedestrians – so Elon Musk decided to make the most out of this ‘forced’ feature.

In the video below you can see that there are multiple options for Tesla drivers in the new ‘Toybox’ section of their car settings, which allows you to change the noise your horn makes to things like farts, applauses, a man speaking in a posh British accent saying “Well I never” and the classic la cucaracha!

Go to the 4:55 mark.

Musk caused a stir on twitter after announcing the new update and horn improvements to the models, replying to one user who asked if the horn could instead be customised to play American rapper Ludacris’ hit song, “Move Bitch”, to which he replied “You can upload custom music/sounds”!

Alongside being able to fart, people can also use Tesla’s Boombox feature to harass members of the community in other ways. For example, now a Tesla can emit the same sound as an ice cream truck – so if you really want to play a cruel prank on kids in the neighbourhood, just drive around the streets playing the unmistakable song and look around at the faces of disappointed.

Other features in the update also include the addition of 3 new games that you can play while the car is parked. They include The Battle of Polytopia, Cat Quest and the cult-classic Solitaire.

I’m not sure these settings will have the same safety affect as a traditional car horn but hey I’m just the writer here and not a roads and safety advisor!

(H/T The Verge)

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