Lad Pranks Girlfriend Of 6 Years With Fake Christmas Proposal

A fake marriage proposal can go 3 ways in our books:

  1. The partner finds the funny side to it and laughs it off. 
  2. They say no which puts your relationship in a weird, uncomfortable and awkward position which ultimately leads to the dreaded “where is this relationship going” talk.
  3. They say yes – you’re screwed.

Well one lad put it all on the the line this Christmas after playing a joke on his girlfriend of 6 years by pretending to propose to her only to have 2 earrings inside the box instead.

Balls of steel right there.

Building up the moment, he goes all in by starting off by telling his missus how much he loves her and all that soppy stuff.

The confident lad then gets down on one knee and asks “Will you please…take these earrings?”, after which a voice can be heard out of frame saying “I knew it!”.

The video has been viewed more than 1.3 million times on TikTok and has some mixed reviews from people commenting on it.

One person fired up by saying “It would be funny if it were 6 months but she was probably expecting it at 6 years bro. This is heartbreaking.”

Another added “Good, he’s in the perfect position to be kicked in the face”.

Some people just don’t find the funny side to things eh?

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However, after the video went viral the woman who uploaded it tried to set the record straight, saying she was surprised at the fierce response it got and that her and her partner’s whole relationship was built on playing pranks on each other.

Still though, I for one would never be brave enough to try and pull this one off on my missus!

(H/T Mirror)

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