Married Bricklayer Who Built Tunnel To Lovers House Gets Caught

A married Mexican bricklayer who built a sophisticated underground tunnel from his house to his neighbours house in order to have an affair has been caught.

These lovers had worked out the only way to fulfil their forbidden sexual encounters was to build an ‘El-Chapo style’ tunnel that could see them easily access each others homes without detection.

The scheme was simple: Bricklayer Alberto – as named by local media – constructed the tunnel under his home in the Tijuana neighbourhood of Villas del Prado 1, and would wait each night for his neighbours husband, Jorge, to go to work his security job.

One of the entrances to the tunnel. Pic Credit: Facebook

Once in the clear, Alberto would enter the passageway that was constructed underneath his home and would pop up right behind the sofa in his neighbours house to see his lover, Pamela.

Unfortunately for the two, the affair was exposed when when Jorge came home early from work and caught them…mid session.

Now personally I would have loved to be there when the couple caught out had to try and go through the whole “it’s not what it looks like” speech, while the tunnel was just sitting there in plain sight offering literally no alternative explanation whatsoever.

As reported in local media in a comical series of events, Jorge saw Alberto flee and hide behind the couch and then seemingly out of thin air – he disappeared.

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It was there that Jorge uncovered the tunnel, jumped down it himself and followed the passageway that ended up in his neighbours home!

In an effort to try and hide the affair from his sleeping wife, Alberto pleaded with Jorge not to raise his voice and leave his property but not surprisingly he decided to do the complete opposite.

A fight broke out between the two with police being called and the dirty laundry well and truly all out in the open for everyone to see.

I’m sure you’ve read or been told about the lengths people have gone to hide affairs before, but this one surely takes the cake. 

(H/T Daily Mail)

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