Woman Tricks Parcel Thief With Box Full Of Cat Poo

At this time of year, there’s always apprehension and panic regarding the delivery of parcels, whether it’s because of the usual Christmas delays or Hermes drivers dumping your new possessions in a bush half-a-mile down the road from your house. And, of course, sadly, there’s the petty thieves who just enjoy inflicting misery by stealing from people’s doorsteps.

One such chancer has had his comeuppance recently, though, when he was duped into stealing a parcel containing a fresh tray of cat litter.

Over a three-year period, Laurie Pringle had noticed her parcels kept disappearing, so decided to take matters into her own hands.

The resident of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, swept her pet’s toilet into a box and left it on her doorstep for her unsuspecting thief to procure.

And, regular as clockwork, 40 minutes later a man was caught via Laurie’s front door security camera, half inching the package.

Image: CHCH

Speaking to news outlet CHCH, Laurie explained, “I just happened to be cleaning the cat litter and I thought well this would work and so I just threw it in and off I went. Little did I know that it would take 40 minutes for someone to pick it up.”

Laurie leaves instructions for Amazon delivery staff to ring her video doorbell when they deliver a parcel.

Speaking to Narcity, she added, “I live on a very busy downtown street. My front door pretty much opens out onto the sidewalk. I’ve had a number of packages stolen in the three years I’ve lived here.

“As a result I have a very clear label for all my Amazon packages, indicating that they should ring my video doorbell. A couple of the couriers that Amazon uses almost never read the label, so that results in my packages being stolen fairly often.”

We can only imagine what the culprit’s face was like when he opened his latest present. Maybe he could steal himself some air fresheners next.

(h/t LADbible)

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