Swindon Electrician Discovers Cannabis Factory Due To Unusual Behaviour

An electrician in Swindon played the role of lead detective in helping local police uncover a sophisticate cannabis factory, after he noticed a neighbouring home he was working on was chewing up more than 24 times the amount of electricity.

The sparky, who works for Southern Electric, notified the police about a house on Wheeler Avenue, Swindon, after noticing the anomaly but I don’t think he could have expected the sheer size of the cannabis operation he was about to bust.

£270,000 – that’s the figure police provided when estimating what the operation was worth. A combination of the street value of the drugs found as well as all the equipment being used to facilitate and grow the plants.

And this was no small little 1 room operation, the entire top floor of the property, including the attic, had all been converted to a makeshift factory. 

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As reported by Wiltshire999S, PC Adam Tape, from Swindon’s community policing team, said: “This is a significant find – in the region of 360 large, mature, cannabis plants – and a significant drugs operation that is no more.

“Quite often criminals ‘doctor’ the amount of electricity going into a property to enable these factories to operate. This can have potentially fatal consequences for neighbouring homes, should something go wrong.

The investigation is ongoing.

(H/T Wiltshire999S)

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