Estate Agent Shares Photos Of Weed Farm On House Listing

When looking for a new house, it’s important to look for all the essentials; Nice garden, plenty of space, double glazing, no mould or damp, cannabis farm…

If that last one caught you by surprise, imagine how Rightmove users felt when they stumbled across a listing for a house in Hyde, Greater Manchester.

The three bedroom house had previously been used to cultivate marijuana, and it’s listing on Rightmove included pictures of rooms filled with small plant pots and windows covered in plastic.

A homemade ventilation shaft could be seen in another photo, with a note on the listing stating, “Please note the original internal pictures used were historic.”

Three bedrooms, spacious enough for one fully functioning marijuana farm. Images: Rightmove

James Ashworth, Director of Landwood Property Auctions, told The Sun, “We know this might look shocking to the average house buyer, but this is an end of the market that auctioneers and estate agents work in every day. It’s just very rarely spoken about.

“Landwood Group is frequently asked by receivers to sell properties at auction like this. This property was formerly owned by a convicted criminal and it was being sold under Proceeds of Crime legislation in order to bring funds back into the public purse.

We’ll take it! Images: Rightmove

“Our online auctions in particular provide the quickest and most transparent route to achieve a sale. We are bound by the Consumer Protection Regulations 2008 to be completely transparent in all listings, words and pictures.

“This is so any potential buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing from us. It also helps place the guide price in context. Like all good estate agents, Landwood Group takes a common senseapproach to such listings and we aim to give potential buyers the information they need to make an informed decision.”

The property was listed with an asking price of £90,000 but eventually sold for £135,250 at auction earlier this month.

(h/t LADbible)

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