Woman Accidentally Charges A Year’s Worth of McDonald’s Orders To Her Brother

It’s safe to say that takeaway orders have likely seen a monumental upturn in numbers this year, but one woman has managed to enjoy her’s completely for free. Although her brother hasn’t been too happy about it, because he’s the one who’s ended up paying for all of them.

Nicole Clark has this year put over £200 worth of McDonald’s orders away without spending a penny, although she didn’t realise that all her burgers, fries and nuggets were actually costing her absolutely nothing.

That was because everything was being billed to her brother by accident.

Since March, the 25-year-old has racked up an impressive £207.37 worth of orders that have been charged to her brother Craig.

Nicole had been using Craig’s Uber Eats account without realising that it wasn’t in fact linked to her own card, so all the charges were hitting her sibling in the pocket instead of her.

The mishap was only realised when Craig, 31, saw his Uber Eats transactions and thought he’d been hacked.

Craig had originally created an account to order the pair a McDonald’s back in March when they both had a craving, and kindly put his details in to pay. And that’s how it has remained ever since.

Nicole, a former carer, panicked when she realised the mistake and immediately paid her older brother back, saying, via LADbible, “My brother, bless him, told me not to worry. He was really fantastic about it.

Image: Kennedy News and Media

He noticed the money had gone out first. I probably would have carried on ordering. He was checking his bank statements and he saw the Uber Eats logo and said, ‘I don’t have an Uber Eats.’ He originally thought he had been hacked.

“He spoke to my mum and she said, ‘Funny story, Nicole has ordered an Uber Eats and she hasn’t been charged.’ When we went onto my Uber Eats account and went through my receipts, we realised what had happened.

“Uber Eats doesn’t tell you which card you’re using until it gives you your receipt and even then it still says ‘Apple Pay’. I presumed it was on my bank account. It never asks for a confirmation, it just clicks and goes straight through.

“Craig doesn’t have an Uber Eats account so when he went through his bank statements he wondered why he had ordered Uber Eats three times in November. It was me.

“In March, because he didn’t have an Uber Eats and we were craving a Maccies when it was announced on Uber Eats. He said he would grab this one and I could grab the next one.

To be fair, if we’d racked up a £200 bill at Maccy’s on someone else’s card, we’d pretend we’d done it by accident as well.

(h/t LADbible)

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