Woman Leaves Scathing Note After Tradesmen Uses Her Loo

The temptation of using a brand new toilet on site in a new build is a regular occurrence in the trade because let’s face it: It’s cleaner, smells better and is frankly just a much more pleasant experience than conducting your business in the site portaloo.

Unfortunately, homeowners don’t ever seem to keen on the idea.

Especially a particular one in Sydney, Australia, who was so pissed at the use of her new loo by the tradesmen working on her home that she wrote a scathing letter and stuck it on it.

And after one of the tradesmen took a picture of it, the image has gone viral with most in disbelief at some of the hilarious passages.

Some of the highlights include referring to the fact she was not the first one to use the toilet as ‘taking the virginity’ of the new toilet. 

We didn’t know that was a thing?

Image credit 7news

The two-paged note stuck together goes on, saying “you have disrespectfully ignored the seal sign, ripped the tape and continued to use it”. In spite of the fact “we are paying for an outdoor toilet for your use”.

She also expresses that this behaviour is ‘a criminal act’ but the real cherry on top is the part she says “this is the second time I am cleaning your s*** from this toilet”.


So is this a big overreaction from a precious homeowner or are the tradesmen in the wrong?

(H/T 7News)

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