Couple Uncover 66 Bottles Of Whiskey Inside The Walls Of Their House

When you move home, often you have to deal with a few teething problems such as rooms that need redecorating or maybe some electrical and plumbing issues that require correcting. What you probably don’t experience is finding over 60 bottles of hooch hidden within your walls.

This is the unlikely scenario that presented itself to Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker, when they moved into a 105-year-old house in Ames, New York recently.

The house had once belonged to Adolph Humphner, also known as ‘Mystery Man of the Mohawk Valley’, a renowned bootlegger from the prohibition era.

Unbeknownst to the couple when they purchased the house, was that Humphner had stored some of his booze within the walls of his home during the early part of the 20th century.

When the couple were removing an exterior trim, a straw wrapped package fell out of the wall, which was discovered to be an old bottle of whiskey.

As more and more wood was removed from the wall, out came more bottles, before even more were discovered underneath the floorboards.

Thirteen of the bottles were full, with a few also half full, with the rest mostly evaporated, having been hidden since the 1920’s.

Nick and Patrick have posted on their instagram account saying that they intend to sample one of the full bottles but the plan is to sell them, with collectors quoting them prices of between $500-$1,000 a bottle.

I’d be happy to find four cans of Stella in my walls, ngl.

(h/t Metro)

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