Mum Loses £80k To Cowboy. Falls In Love With New Repairman

Experiencing a cowboy builder can be a horrible experience for everyone involved, from the poor homeowner to the poor tradesmen who has been tasked with fixing the mess up. 

But a fairytale-like story has surfaced from Great Yarmouth, after a woman who was left £80k out of pocket from a cowboy builder, ended up falling in love with the bloke who came to fix up the mess.

Ok fairytale might be pushing it…but it’s still a feel good story!

Vicki Mileham, 51, was in danger of having her extension and roof collapsing on top of her due to the dodgy work of a local builder who allegedly stopped turning up for work due to the build “going over budget”.

As reported in the Daily Mirror, Vicki remortgaged her home, maxed out credit cards and took on loans when the nightmare project spiralled nearly £50,000 over budget.

Image Credit: Steve Bainbridge/Daily Mirror

Speaking about the work that had been left, Vicki said “One of the walls wasn’t straight, they’d used the wrong supports in the roof and built a gas pipe inside a cavity wall.

“A supporting girder had been wedged in with blocks of wood and they’d used interior bricks on the outside – joining them with the wrong cement.

“The blocks were basically balanced on top of each other.

“A Norfolk County Building Inspector said we should tear it all down and start again.

“Virtually everything but the footings had to be removed.”

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With £80k already invested and desperate for help, she turned to Facebook to see if anyone could come and help her get out of this mess.

That’s when a 47-year-old bus driver called Asher Paniri turned up after spotting a GoFundMe page that had been set up for Vicki by a neighbour who had spotted her roof sagging.

Ash said, “I was quite new to the area and because of lockdown I had lots of time on my hands.

“I saw the post and thought I’d step up. I helped Vicki demolish the extension and the more time I spent at hers, the better we got to know each other.

“It was a bolt from the blue. I’d been planning to emigrate after a relationship break-up, but Vicki and I have been talking about what the future holds – and I’m here to stay.”

Work is ongoing. Image Credit Hook News/Daily Mirror

As for the original builder.. well last month he plead guilty to an unrelated assault and some criminal damage charges, as well as affray and possession of an offensive weapon. 

That was all after setting up some pretty nasty Facebook pages shaming Vicki and Ash as well as some really ugly stuff.

Vicki says: “They say that love strikes when you’re least expecting it.

“I certainly had bigger things on my mind when I met Ash – but now I can’t imagine life without him.”

The work is ongoing with many volunteers from the area pitching in to help her finish the extension.

(H/T Daily Mirror)

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