Woman Smashes Up Hundreds Of Bottles Of Booze In Aldi

Picture the scene: It’s a weekday night, you’ve just polished off another day of working from home during lockdown 2.0 and you’re gagging for a few beverages to perk your evening up. You look in your fridge and it’s bereft, leaving you with no other option but for a quick, socially distanced trip to the shop for a pack of stubbies and an emergency sharer bag of crisps.

Only when you arrive at the shop, you’ve barely finished sanitising your hands when you notice someone is currently in the throes of quite a violent episode, which they are specifically taking out on all the booze in Aldi. Nice one.

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This was the scene that greeted bemused shoppers at Aldi in Fairlands Way, Stevenage.

Hertfordshire Police were called to the scene, where a woman was taking her anger out on the supermarket’s alcohol aisle, smashing hundreds of bottles, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Officers finally arrested the woman, who was detained and removed from the shop by a security guard.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire Police said, “Police were called at around 2.30pm on Wednesday to report an incident at the Aldi supermarket in Fairlands Way, Stevenage.

“It was reported that several bottles of alcohol had been thrown onto the floor and smashed. Officers attended and a woman has been arrested.”

When one shopper a queue told the woman to calm down, he was greeted by a bottle of gin being hurled at his leg, which promptly silenced them.

No motive has been discovered for the woman’s rampage as of yet, but it’s likely she will have a substantial bill on her hands, given the amount of bottles she destroyed.

All that incredible, cheap, Aldi booze. Gone but not forgotten.

(H/T LADbible)

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