Furious Builder Smashes Up Houses After Not Being Paid

Money can make people do very strange things. Very irrational and angry things. It drives us all to the brink of madness, especially this year. Which is why it’s perhaps not too surprising to bear witness to a furious tradesman tearing down building work after claiming he’s not been paid for any of it.

A TikTok video has rapidly gone viral after it showed a builder, standing on scaffolding, taking a hammer to his handiwork.

All the while, his friends can be heard shouting, “Calm down Tony” and “Tony, calm down, come here mate, what’s happening?”

What’s happening is, the man known as Tony is destroying a few houses because it appears, according to one off camera voice, that he hasn’t been paid, and is seeking vengeance for his hours of labour going unrewarded.

The incident is believed to have taken place over the summer in Edgware, London, but the footage seems to have only surfaced very recently.

The man who had been trying to calm Tony down throughout the video eventually relents and says “call the f**king police will you?”

Workmates attempt to halt Tony’s path of destruction but were unable to come between him and his hammer.

A spokesperson for the firm, One Sterling Limited, said their builders were on the same site but the man, ‘Tony’, tearing down the building was a subcontractor.

(h/t The Independent)

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