Menu Mishap Leaves Takeaway Being Called Anus Kitchen

Grammar is important. I cannot stress enough how important. In fact, if you don’t believe me, just ask Anu’s Kitchen in London how important it is.

The takeaway suffered from the most unfortunate of printing mishaps when menus were distributed with an ill placed apostrophe.

So, instead of ordering from Anu’s, customers were left with the unappetising proposition of buying food from Anus takeaway.

Not exactly a mouth watering prospect, is it?

Even 15% off doesn’t make it sound any more appetising. Image: Anu’s Kitchen

The Indian restaurant was being advertised through online delivery service Foodhub, when the printing blunder went viral on Facebook.

The advertisement read, “Anus Kitchen is now available on Get 15% off when you order directly @”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Anu’s website was also hit with a similar blunder, with Anu’s Party Package deal being advertised as ‘Anus Party Package’, which sounds like something a little bit more 18+ than a takeaway meal.

Anus Party Package, anyone? Image: Anu’s Kitchen

Speaking to the Mirror, the restaurant owner said, “We recently opened a kitchen, my wife’s nickname is Anu and as she’s the main chef, we decided to name the kitchen after her.

“Foodhub printed some leaflets for us and made the silly mistake. Even the picture on the leaflet is wrong, that’s not our food.

“If they’d shown us before publish, we definitely would change the picture and correct the name.”

(h/t the mirror)

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