Dominos Brings Night Out In With Beef Doner Pizza

It seems like a million years ago now but remember when we used to go on a night out?

You’d have a drink, have a dance and maybe make a few new friends if you’re lucky.

But apart from missing all of those wonderfully simple things, the one thing that we’ve been missing more than anything else this year has to be that late night kebab you’d get on the way home and see remnants of in your bin the next morning.

Well good news!

Image Credit Dominos

In keeping with the unavoidable 2020 slogan of “Staying in is the new going out”, Dominos has decided to bring the night out, in, by launching the new Beef Doner Kebab Pizza.


Not one for the vegans, the pizza comes complete with a vine ripened tomato sauce, lashings of mozzarella cheese, beef doner slices, freshly chopped tomatoes and crunchy red onions.

There’s also a delicious drizzle of Franksâ RedHotâ sauce to add a fiery kick to finish and it’s laid on top of Dominos classic fresh dough.

Speaking about this magnificent new creation, Domino’s Director, Josh Engleman said: “We’ve gone and done it again. First the Cheeseburger and now the Beef Doner. We all miss tucking into our favourite post-night-out treat but whilst we’re all hunkering down in the wintery evenings, you can always trust Domino’s to deliver the party spirit with our delicious new pizza.”

“A kebab is a thing of beauty, as is a Domino’s pizza so combining the two makes perfect sense. Franks RedHot drizzle will provide the heat, but no kebab is complete without a bit of garlic sauce. Thankfully, we have the perfect answer in the form of our famous Garlic & Herb dip. A marriage made in heaven.”

The Beef Doner Kebab Pizza is available now to order online, through the Domino’s app or via your nearest store. 

For more information and to find your nearest store visit:

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