New Super Schooner Will Help You Carry Four Beers At Once

We all know the feeling. It’s your turn to get a round and your mates have positioned themselves as far away from the busy bar as possible. You have a look back across the pub and realise your four pint order is now going to be a nerve ridden assault course, full of bumps, spillage and, potentially, the gut churning drop of a glass as the frosty condensation sends a pint slipping through your fingers.

Thankfully, this conundrum could be a thing of the past (when, y’know, we’re all allowed back in pubs and bars like normal again. Whenever that might be).

This is because the ‘Super Schooner’ is here to make carrying multiple bevvies a much more pleasant and manageable task.

The Super Schooner is four quadrants that combine together to make one massive glass, crucially eliminating the awkward ‘hanging on for dear life’ walk from bar to table.

Image: Supplied

Tomorrow (Wednesday 18th November) will see the debut of the brainchild of Merivale, Lion and Ogilvy, as it is put into action during Vic on The Park for the third and final State of Origin game between Queensland and New South Wales.

The quad heavy bevvy will set Australians back $28, or $7 each with four people chipping in and, like all great Australian gifts to the world (Neighbours, Kylie Minogue, ‘Land Down Under’ by Men At Work, Steve Irwin, Crocodile Dundee and boomerangs) we should be expecting to see it make the move towards the UK any time soon.

In fact, an almost identical idea was rolled out by Carling last year, with their four interlocking glasses proving to be a huge success.

Image: Carling

Carling’s design implemented vertical grooves, which allowed glasses to resist slippage and remain much more sturdy than usual, with each vessel narrowing towards the middle, allowing for even better grip.

Anyway, hurry up Super Schooners, if we’re really lucky, the British government might actually reopen pubs in a couple of weeks and we’d quite like to give these a test run before they’re all shut back down again after Christmas. Cheers.

(h/t LADbible)

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