Woman Caught On Class Zoom Telling Plumber She Does Massive S***s

You would think that by November pretty much everyone would have mastered Zoom by now but clearly we haven’t, after a women was heard on a call by her entire class talking to her plumber and revealing that her plumbing issues were a result of her “monster s***s”.

I mean we’ve heard some brilliant stories from early on in the pandemic when people were still trying to work out how to use the video calling software, like videoing themselves on the toilet or forgetting a cheeky display name used for a social call with friends, but it appears even 8 months later we are still getting some great stories of people struggling with the platform.

A women decided to share this horror story on Reddit’s ‘Today I F***** Up’ forum, where she went into detail on how it all unfolded.

In her post she said, “”I had just let the plumber in to fix my toilet and he came by to tell me that it was done,” she wrote.

“I guess I must have accidentally leaned on the button or something because I asked him about it, got up to take a look, and then came back to 5-6 private messages on Zoom.

“I’m REALLY hoping all anyone heard was “is it fixed now? It’s been draining slowly for a while.”

“Otherwise, everyone will have gotten to hear about the monster s***s I take that f*** with my plumbing.

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Here’s our question though…why would you need to go into detail with your plumber about this? They’re there to fix the problem, they know what’s caused the issue and they probably don’t really want to be hearing it from you seeing as they’ve just had to unblock the thing!

Anyway, the whole class got to hear the dialogue, she went on, “It would be a little funny, but it’s been a massive struggle making friends with my classmates this year.

“COVID hasn’t helped. I’m mortified that this is going to be their impression of me now.

While it’s certainly embarrassing it could’ve been a lot worse…why just 2 weeks ago veteran American journalist and broadcaster Jeffrey Toobin was sacked after he was caught on a work zoom call….going to town on himself.

(H/T Daily Mirror)

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