Massive Alligator Spotted On Florida Golf Course

OK, OK, we know alligators are a pretty common sight in Florida, but what about ones that look like they legit belong in Jurassic Park? Just casually strolling across a golf course looking like they’re out for revenge on Happy Gilmore for exacting his own retribution against the one eyed reptile that took his mentor Chubbs’ hand.

In what at first appeared to be some pretty shrewd photoshopping, it was actually revealed that the absolute monster making their way across a Naples golf course in Florida was the real deal.

Could you even be arsed going for a round of golf and seeing an actual T-Rex roaming around the course?

The footage was captured at Valencia Golf and Country Club, where the gator was about to take a dip in the water after a leisurely walk across the fairway.

As if that’s not troubling enough, Florida has another TWO MILLION alligators roaming around which, although on one hand an extremely positive case of wildlife thriving, is also completely and utterly terrifying. TWO MILLION. Just for reference, there’s 21 million people living in the state of Florida. That means for every 10 people (roughly) there’s one alligator in the sunshine state.

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