Landlord Moves His Entire Pub From Yorkshire To Germany

We’ve all got a favourite local that, if we could, we would happily move into tomorrow. Or at least have a room there for when that 10pm curfew hits. Either way, the love of a good pub is almost unmatched, as one bloke in Germany has brilliantly proved.

Germany based property owner Paul Moss, who has lived in the country for 25 years, owns the building which housed The New Crown, a traditional British pub that had since been closed down since he moved to Iserlohn, near Dortmund.

Credit: Iserlohn Pub/Facebook

Pining for the authentic Yorkshire pub experience, Moss moved the entire pub, brick-by-brick, fittings and all 600 miles to Germany, where he intends to reopen it once the country’s second lockdown draws to a close.

Moss’ intention is to sell English, Irish and German beers, as well as full English breakfasts, Sunday roasts and fish and chips.

 Speaking to The Metro, Moss said, “Bars over here are modern and clean cut. I missed the atmosphere of an English pub. But there could be no half measures.

“We took everything – even dirty glasses. Now we’re almost there. The last thing will be the old front doors.

Credit: Iserlohn Pub/Facebook

Moss has been delayed in his opening of the pub by newfound covid pandemic restrictions, although the initial feedback to his idea has been positive, as he told the Bridlington Free Press: “We have had lots of positive feedback on Facebook about the pub, both from locals and British people, as they followed our progress.

“We were due to open soon but due to a lockdown, similar to England, we have not been able to welcome the public yet.

“The lockdown restrictions run until the beginning of December and we hope to open after the restrictions are lifted. There’s lots of excitement about the place and we can’t wait to get going.

“Because it is authentic and very British, everybody is excited to see inside – which is what we wanted.

Credit: Iserlohn Pub/Facebook

“The building work has been tough. We had to deal with fire regulation issues and then a flood – the whole kitchen had to be pulled out and the floor dried out.

“The work has been more comprehensive than we dreamt of, but we are now looking forward to welcoming customers.”

A sensational effort, we’re sure you’ll agree. Lock in in December then, Paul? Cheers. Remember to stock scampi fries.

(h/t LADbible)

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