Russian ‘Scientist’ Tests To See If Cars Explode Like In Films

A video has started circulating on the internet of a Russian guy, or ‘scientist’, who is trying to debunk the myth that cars explode when they catch on fire like you see in films.’s been a slow news day…but bear with us because the video is just a bit of a laugh to watch and the English dubbing of it makes it even more entertaining.

Trying to replicate the iconic scenes you’ve seen time and time again in the movies, the first part of the experiment involves dropping a lit cigarette into a puddle of gasoline to see if it ignites. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t not. 

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Despite the repeated aggressive attempts of our host to toss disgorged cigs into the gas, it simply wont light. Debunked.

Bizarrely, the next stage of the experiment involves using an angle grinder on a piece of rusty steel to see if the sparks will ignite the puddle of gas and viola! It does!


But now for the part we’ve all been waiting for, by lighting a long trail of petrol eventually leading up to a quality Lada, will we see this car explode like a 007 film?

Sadly, it doesn’t. It definitely catches alight and burns for a solid amount of time, but unfortunately the fiery explosive finish we’ve all been waiting for doesn’t come.

It’s probably for the best, given the fact that the people filming and ‘scientists’ in the video are standing at a preciously close distance to the vehicle that if it had exploded, they most likely would’ve been injured or felt it somehow. 

The burning begins at the 9 minute mark in the video and please, like the classic opening title you see on WWE, don’t try this at home.

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