Thieves On The Run After Breaking Into Bank Through Sewer

It might sound like a typical heist film but a group of organised bank robbers are still on the run after breaking into an Italian bank through a sewer and making off with 20 safety deposit boxes.

The incident occurred last week in Milan at the Crédit Agricole Bank on Piazza Ascoli.

According to reports in The Evening Standard, the operation involved 4 men, two of which came through the front door of the branch and another 2 who emerged from a manhole inside the bank that connected to a series of underground tunnels.

Genuinely sounds like a Guy Ritchie film.

Police investigate the manhole cover that was used. Image Credit NurPhoto/PA Images

However, unlike in films where normally the manager of the bank will cooperate with the assailants, the manager of Crédit Agricole was involved in a tussle with the robbers before reportedly being hit on the head with the butt of a gun and taken hostage along with a number of other staff members and customers.

Here’s where it gets really elaborate.

After sounding the alarm, the bank became surrounded by police but this was all part of the plan for the thieves, who intentionally set off a fire extinguisher that created a diversion and allowed them all to escape back down the manhole and into the sewer.

Police attempted to chase them but became lost in the intricate sewer network and maze of underground tunnels.


It is not yet known what was inside the 20 safety deposits they stole and Milan prosecutors have opened an investigation.

Here is some footage from the scene.

(H/T Evening Standard)

Thumbnail Image Credit NurPhoto/PA Images

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