Sparta Prague ‘Clarify’ Their Striker Is Not A Part-Time Electrician After Netting Hat-Trick Against Celtic

Let’s be honest, no one looks out for Europa League results.

But one result that definitely caught the eye last week was Scottish Champions Celtic going down 4-1 at home to Sparta Prague – especially seeing as their striker is a part-time electrician!

Okay turns out that isn’t true but it was certainly doing the rounds on social media when someone decided to update the profile information on Lukas Juilis’ Wikipedia page. 

Not missing a beat, the Czech side’s English Twitter feed couldn’t resist taking a pop at the Hoops’ after a truly remarkable result and wanting to celebrate their hat-trick hero.

A twitter account run by Rangers fans took a screenshot of the Wikipedia page along with the caption “A f****** part-time electrician has scored a f****** hat-trick”.

Sparta Prague then retweeted it with their own caption of “He is not an electrician. But he gave us the spark tonight, thats’ for sure!”.

Well played. 

Celtic now sit bottom of group H after managing just one point from their opening 3 games.

They also won’t like the fact that their rivals Rangers currently sit top of Group D.

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(H/T Daily Record)

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