Fitness Company Designs Bed That Turns Into a Gym

With lockdown two closing down gyms and making many members of the general public head back to the sanctuary of their beds until we arrive at 2nd December, one company has ingeniously decided to combine the two entities to help people maintain their exercise regimes throughout November and beyond.

PIVOT Fitness have designed the PIVOT Bed, which is currently receiving funding on Kickstarter in order for it to be rolled out for larger scale production.

The bed/gym combo is aimed at people who are short on space but still want to get their workouts in from the comfort of their own home.

The PIVOT bed can be simply flipped up when not in horizontal use and comes with a pull-up bar, dip bar and full power rack built into the bed frame with plenty of space to store other exercise equipment underneath.

Image: PIVOT Fitness

The project is eyeing £200,000 worth of investment through it’s Kickstarter campaign, with people who pledge £750 or more getting first dibs on the new beds if the overall target is met. A donation of £1,250 gets you a bed, power rack and fitness mat.

Colin Montgomery, Founder and CEO of PIVOT Fitness said, “It didn’t seem to matter what exercise gear I bought, I never used it.

“I didn’t have the space, so the equipment was hidden away in various rooms and it took an age to get set up to do a quick workout. 

“When I built myself the first PIVOT Bed prototype, all that changed as I had a room dedicated to working out, with all the equipment already there.

“And I didn’t have to give up that bedroom – it’s every bit as good a bedroom as it was before. 

Image: PIVOT Fitness

“Space in many UK homes is at a premium and is often stated as the biggest hurdle to exercising at home.

“The PIVOT Bed is a ground breaking addition to this market.

“It’s convenience, coupled with a state-of-the-art design, means there are no more excuses to skipping a workout.”

To be honest, Colin, we’re spending the pandemic lying motionless in our beds, chain ordering Deliveroos and watching Netflix, but we PROMISE we’ll get some exercise in post-Covid. Probably.

(h/t LADbible)

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