New York Man Is Swallowed Into Sinkhole Full Of Rats

We’re now at a point of 2020 where headlines that would once belong on The Onion are now just commonplace in day-to-day news.

In New York this week, a city that has been ravaged by Covid-19 deaths and was the epicentre for the virus in the United States during the first few months of the pandemic, a Bronx man has been sucked into a sinkhole full of rats.


Yes this sounds like a scene from a questionable Halloween film but it is actually 100% true.

Leonard Shoulders, 33, was waiting for a bus in the Bronx when suddenly the pavement beneath him opened up and sucked him downwards, much to the horror of passers by.

Shoulders’ brother, Greg, revealed that his sibling broke his arm and his leg, though that wasn’t the worst part of the ordeal.

A nest of rats was waiting for Shoulders, who couldn’t even cry out for help in case one of the rats crawled into his mouth.

So instead, the 33-year-old lay helpless for half an hour, paralysed silently in fear until the Fire Department turned up to fish him out to safety.

Greg told the New York Daily News, “He couldn’t move, and the rats were crawling all over him. He didn’t scream, because he didn’t want the rats going into his mouth.”

Still, given the constant urban legends of crocodiles prowling New York’s sewer system, things could have been a lot worse for Shoulders.

(h/t the guardian)

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