Skull In Sunglasses On Family’s Mantlepiece Ends Up Belonging To Man Missing For Eight Years

You might think that ‘kooky’ bit of taxidermy hanging on your wall is cool or avant garde or whatever, but sometimes repurposed dead stuff can come back to haunt you.

One family from Morgan County, Tennessee were dealt quite the shock when the sunglasses wearing skull that had been adorning their mantlepiece was actually the former head of a man who had been missing for eight years.

The morbid ornament had belonged to a local man by the name of Junior Will McCann, who had been displayed at an unidentified home which was then tipped off to the police.

McCann’s skull was seized by officers and taken in for examinations at The Regional Forensic Centre and the University of Tennessee Anthropology Department, who confirmed it belonged to McCann.

District Attorney General Russell Johnson revealed McCann had been missing for eight years and was most likely killed by a now deceased family member.

Following the rather grim revelation, local police are now calling on the public to provide whatever information they may have relating to McCann’s passing, with the DA telling anyone with details to contact the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office at (423) 346-6262.

There is currently no word as of yet as to what the family are set to replace McCann’s skull with on their mantlepiece. Ideally not a body part of a murdered local. It’d be a start.

(h/t the mirror)

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