Plasterer Gives X-rated Excuse For Leaving Job Midway Through

A brutally honest plasterer, who walked off the job at the halfway point, has left a home owner stunned after texting her and revealing the reason for his actions… because he wanted to “do naughty things to her” and thought it would be best for him to leave the property.

In a bid to act professional and resist his urges, the plastered decided to remove himself from the situation, pack up his things and be on his way.

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As you can imagine, having a tradesmen leave a job midway through half done with apparently no explanation can only leave you curious and that’s when Amy Wilks decided to contact the plasterer to find out why he had left.

What she got back was something truly remarkable…and honest.

In an expletive text that was shared on Facebook group Girlsmouth, the worker claimed “he was not coming back as if I do I’m going to want to take you to bed”.

How’s this for honesty? Image Credit

He then went into graphic detail of what he wanted to do to her before sending a follow up text saying “that’s why I’m not coming back cos I want to do naughty things to you. Now if ya up for that then I’ll come back up”.


He finished by saying he wasn’t bothered about receiving any money for the work he had done and I suppose leaving the offer on the table.

Know anyone who has ever sent a text like this? 

(H/T Daily Star)

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