Tradesman Eats ‘World’s Hottest Peanuts’ And Instantly Regrets It

What could possibly go wrong when eating the world’s hottest version of something? After all, how much damage can a tiny chilli pepper possibly do, really?

It turns out a whole lot…

Scott Slater, a tradesman from Leeds, dared to take on the world’s hottest peanuts and, let’s just say things didn’t go too well for him as a result.

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The 38-year-old was supremely confident ahead of downing the packet of nuts, being filmed by his co-workers as he claimed he would down them ‘no problem’.

Only it wasn’t that simple.

After boastfully showing off the contents of his mouth to prove he’d started chewing up the spicy snack, Scott began hiccupping uncontrollably and spitting the nuts out, trying to rid himself of the excruciating pain he’d immediately found himself in.

With his face turning a curious shade of pink, Scott was reduced to removing his hardhat and filling it with water to pour on himself in order to cool down. It didn’t appear to prove all that effective.

The full video can be seen HERE.

Scott’s workmate, Tom Varey, filmed the hilarity and shared a photo of the victim in the throes of peanut induced torture. An hour and a half on from the snack, Scott was led in the road, suffering from heartburn.

Speaking about his mate’s tortuous experience, Tom said,

“We couldn’t stop laughing at him. He’d been so cocky about it beforehand, it served him right.

“One of the other lads had brought the peanuts in and I’d tried them in the morning. Only two but they’d already burned me. I love hot food like curries but these were too hot for me.

“He took the whole bag because he thought they were only a little sachet. I started laughing and said he wouldn’t because they were just so hot.

“I checked with him before that he didn’t have any heart issues because of how powerful they were.

“He said after they were the hottest thing he’d ever eaten. He really was struggling. It wasn’t just the peanuts though, there was a load of powder in the bottom and he swallowed all of that one go.

“He had heartburn for the rest of the day. He was able to get back to work but every so often it’d hit him again. He even had to lie down on the pavement an hour and a half later.”

We can’t imagine they’ll be much fun on the way back out, either.

(h/t LADbible)

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