Pub Landlord Is Selling Meals For 1p To Stay Open

With ‘substantial meals’ now being more important than ever due to Tier Three lockdowns in several areas of England, one pub landlord has found a way round making his customers sit down for a plate of food without them having to fork out anything for it.

Unsurprisingly, the Government’s new ruling about pubs only being allowed to stay open if they serve food has dealt a huge blow to a lot of establishments in Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester over the last week, but some bar owners and landlords are working out ways to game the system while sticking two fingers up to Boris Johnson et al.

Andy MacDonald, landlord of the Ships and Giggles pub in Preston, has declared that customers can pay whatever they want for meals, so they don’t feel the need to spend a lot more than they usually would just so they can enjoy a couple of pints.

“You can pay what you want if it’s more than a penny,” the 36-year-old said, via Metro.

“If you have been affected financially, pay a penny, if you haven’t, pay a little more.

“And our meals are now improved, and by this weekend, we will have an even larger amount of food available.

“We will also hold your table for two hours in order to control anyone that wants to consume alcohol.”

MacDonald had originally been giving food away for free, until authorities told him patrons had to actually buy the meals.

Taking to social media last week, Andy said, ” There aren’t any catches. I just can’t be arsed listening to Government anymore. I’ve got nothing to lose now.

“Please do us the honour of continuing to support Ships and Giggles, buy drinks, and keep Ships afloat and staff in jobs.”

Anyone fancy going for 10p’s worth of chicken and chips over 12 pints? Food’s on us.

(h/t Metro)

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