McDonald’s Adding New Breakfast Roll To Menu

It seems as if 2020 has shaken something within McDonald’s, as the fast food burger behemoths have barely stopped with the new additions to their menu over the last few months. And the hits just keep on coming.

Not content with launching new two versions of their iconic Quarter Pounder earlier this month, alongside a McChicken BLT, Ronald’s crew are now hitting up the breakfast menu, and they’re hitting it hard.

The simple McDs bacon roll has always been fine. It’s never going to compete with McMuffins, let’s face it, but it’s a decent enough offering and it’s nice that it’s kept on the brekky menu for appearances sake. But let’s face it, who’s really ordering a bacon roll when there’s McMuffins on offer?

Anyway, with this in mind, McDonald’s have supersized their bacon butty with the addition of sausage, egg and cheese.

Yes Please. Image: McDonald’s

The breakfast roll had previously only been available in Ireland, but has now made it’s way to the UK, being added to menus from this morning.

You can choose whether you want ketchup or brown sauce adding and the whole thing will only set you back £2.79.

Sorry McMuffins, but we are tempted. Very, very tempted.

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