Watch US Man Shoot Through HIS OWN Windshield In Road Rage

In a story that could only ever come from one country, a man in the US fired 4 shots through his own windshield in a road rage incident on Florida’s Highway 417 in Orange County.

Yes that’s right…through the glass of his own windshield right in front of him.

In terrifying scenes captured on his dashcam, the driver, Marco Mazzetta, is seen reaching for his weapon and firing several shots at a Nissan 370Z that passes him at high speeds on a highway.

Glass debris can be seen flying around the car while his passenger crouches down and covers their face in terror. 

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According to WESH 2 news, Mazzetta claims the Nissan had been weaving in and out of traffic for a period of time and had bumped Mazzetta’s truck when he tapped the breaks. 

His passenger is terrified before he opens fire on the passing car

It is alleged the driver of the Nissan pointed a gun out of his window as he drove by and that’s why he reacted the way he did.

Naturally, Mazzetta decided to upload the footage to YouTube in an apparent attempt to give warning to those who decide to brandish weapons while driving. 

Floored logic? Perhaps. Incriminating? Time will tell.

Fortunately no one was hurt and Orange County Sheriff’s Office say they are investigating the incident. 

Watch the news report below and make your mind up yourself.

(H/T Autoblog)

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