House Measuring Just 10ft By 8ft Goes On Sale For Ridiculous Amount

The world just keeps getting madder and madder. Everyone’s grip on reality has completely eroded and nowhere is that more evident than one, quite frankly insane real estate listing that has cropped up in North Yorkshire.

A tiny building, measuring just 10ft by 8ft, in Tadcaster, has been described as ‘the smallest detached house in Britain’ and is now up for sale.

For £250,000.

No, that’s not a typo. The asking price for Britain’s smallest detached house is actually A QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS.

The house may not look much from the outside, but is pretty impressive on the inside. Images: Carter Jonas

The home isn’t even really a proper house at all, but a gatehouse at the entrance to a stately home, yet it’s been transformed inside to have a lounge, a kitchen area and a bathroom in a sunken basement.

The ground floor comprises of a hallway that doubles as a dressing area and upstairs there’s a mezzanine level with a double bed.

Selling the house are a couple who have lived there, somehow, for 14 years but are now keen to move somewhere a bit roomier. Makes sense.

The house does actually come with quite a few benefits, such as the fact any buyers will enjoy all the land that comes with the country estate but without the taxes or upkeep that come along with owning a stately home.

Just £250,000 and it’s all your’s. Images: Carter Jonas

Inside, the house is actually decorated and maintained incredibly well, and certainly looks like a cosy spot to spend the grim winter months, although spending too much time there could potentially lead to a more claustrophobic Shining situation occurring.

If you fancy putting an offer in on the house, you can do so through Carter Jonas.

(h/t Metro)

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