Plumber Finds Huntsman Spider Hiding In Earmuffs

A  plumber has gone viral after getting a nasty surprise on site this week, when he discovered a huntsman spider had crawled it’s way into his earmuffs. 

After feeling “something tickling his ear”, Australian plumber Olly Hurst, took off his earmuffs to find a huntsman had curled up inside.

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Now while you might think the discovery of a hairy 8-legged monster might have triggered a terrified reaction, you’d be dead wrong.

The plumber is more than relaxed on video as if he comes across this kind of thing once a week, calmly shaking his earmuffs to free the intruder.

“Hmm Nasty. Doesn’t want to come out, he’s happy in there”, he said on his video posted to Instagram.

I guess Aussies are used to coming across this kind of thing all the time. Nutters.

The video was originally shared with 9 News Perth.

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