Watch Volunteers Play Tug Of War With Snake Stuck In Truck Engine

A teacher in Thailand got the fright of her life when she went to check a problem with her pickup truck, only to discover there was a 13ft-long python curled around her engine.

Personally at this point if it was me…I’d have sold the car.

However, a group of Thai men much braver than I, came to the woman’s rescue to remove the snake but it wasn’t as straight forward as they thought.

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The python had managed to entangled itself under the bonnet and around all of the vehicles engine parts. 

In comical scenes, footage shows 4 men with their hands around each other’s waists, pulling on the tail of the snake in an attempt to free it, while others who appear to be snake handlers have got hold of the head of the snake so no one gets bitten. 

According to the China Global Television Network (CGTN), it took almost 3 hours of pulling before the reptile’s body was finally freed.

The owner of the car said “I am glad that we did not have to break down my car to save the snake. I am not sure my insurance company would pay the repair bill if they had taken apart the engine.’’

The snake was safely put into a bag and released back into the woods later.

(H/T Yahoo News)

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