Dad Paints Son’s Room As Surprise & Films Brilliant Disappointed Reaction

A dad who painted his son’s room as a surprise has gone viral due to the underwhelming reaction of his kid.

Minnesota man, Eric Lynner, waited patiently in the corner of his son’s room to capture his reaction of seeing his new John Deere paint job.

Absolute gold. Image Credit Eric Lynner (TikTok)

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However, rather than being met with incredible excitement, the new lick of paint went down like a lead balloon with the youngster.

“Well that was rude….you painted without me” is all he can get out of his boy, who has a bit of a look around and eventually slumps over his bed in disappointment.

The caption on the video uploaded to TikTok read: “When you surprise your son with his new paint job in his room… his reaction was not what we expected.”

But while his son might not have enjoyed the new room, the internet definitely did.

Since posting the video on TikTok yesterday, it has already hit almost 4 million views and softened the blow for his dad no doubt.

According to the Mirror, in a follow up post the dad explained that his son had picked out the paint and design, but was simply upset because he didn’t get to help.

(H/T Mirror)

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