Watch The Moment Paddy McGuinness Crashes £250,000 Lambo On Top Gear

If you tuned into Top Gear last night you would have seen the moment Paddy McGuinness lost control of a £250,000 Lamborghini Diablo, crashing the luxury supercar and causing an eye-watering amount of damage in the process.

Thankfully he wasn’t hurt…but that meant co-hosts Freddy Flintoff and Chris Harris could lay into him a bit in the clip below.

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In trying to explain his actions, Paddy suggested it “must’ve been a little bit of oil on the road” but Freddie and Chris weren’t buying it. “Yeah, cause I’ve been driving up and down that road and day and that oil really got me!’ Harris added sarcastically.

The incident, which actually occurred in filming back in June, was part of a segment that involved the 3 hosts taking the supercars on a northern road trip before competing on an airfield to push the vehicles to their absolute limit.

The comedian took to Instagram at the time to reveal the extent of the damage but no doubt he would’ve been grateful watching it back last night, knowing he walked away from a prang like that with no injury. 

Top Gear airs Sundays at 8PM on BBC One. 

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