People Are Outraged By M&S Selling ‘Chip Shop Scraps’

It’s official: There’s absolutely nothing that cannot be gentrified in the modern age.

Just when you thought every single aspect of normal life had somehow been appropriated by every possible corporation in existence, you’re proven wrong.

The latest episode of ‘what will they gentrify next?’ comes from Marks and Spencer, who have caused outrage over the weekend when it came to light that they are now selling tubs of ‘Chip Shop Scraps’ – little plastic pots of the batter usually used on battered fish – for £1.05.

The response to the new item has been, unsurprisingly, overwhelmingly negative.

Seriously M&S, sort this out. Like many Twitter users above have said, scraps or bits or whatever you want to call them are thrown in free at pretty much every respectable chippy, so don’t be charging over a quid for cold ones that won’t even be anywhere near as good.

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