This Bricklaying Robot Is Building A 3-Bedroom House In Yorkshire

A robot that can lay bricks, blocks and mortar has begun work on it’s first ever test project as it attempts to build a three-bedroom house in Yorkshire.

The company behind this new bit of tech is a Yorkshire-based start-up called Construction Automation and this project has been 4 years in the making.

They call their invention the Automatic Brick Laying Robot (ABLR) – original name I know – and it’s Co-Founders reckon the robot is going to lay 10,000 bricks over a build window of 2 weeks.

Claiming to be the first robot of it’s kind as it has the ability to build around corners, the founders believe the robot will improve build quality, health and safety and productivity on site, and are tipping it to be a revolutionary product in the industry.

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According to a report from Construction News, People are still required to operate the machine from a tablet, to load bricks and mortar into the machine, and to tackle lintels, tie bars, the damp-proof course and pointing.

Co-founder Stuart Parkes said ““We use sensors to measure each individual brick and then to line it up, so it is precisely central on the wall. The sensors also align the edge of each brick to produce a perfect finish.”

Watch the video below to get a look at it.

(H/T Construction News)

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