Shops In Thailand Have Ingenious Way Of Staying Safe During Pandemic

With another potential lockdown lurking ominously on the horizon amid spiralling infection rates and hospitalisations across the United Kingdom, scientists, politicians and just about everyone else is trying to conjure up solutions to returning life back to some degree of normalcy as soon as possible.

But while the eternal struggle shows no signs of slowing down over here, in Thailand shops are making themselves safer with a simple and effective solution.

Scanners have been installed in some shops which automatically take a customer’s temperature and check to see if they are wearing a face covering.

The Tesco Lotus store in Koh Samui only opens it’s gates to customers who have a normal temperature and are wearing a mask, otherwise, the store remains inaccessible to anyone who could pose a threat to others inside.

Twitter user Niall Harbison posted a video of the system in action, quickly going viral as a result, with people marvelling at the ease with which the technology works and how simple a solution it is to eliminating arguments over wearing masks.

As Niall’s tweet points out, measures such as this are one of the reasons this area of Thailand has managed to restrict Covid-19 to just three cases in over 100 days. A far cry from the 14,000+ new cases a day being recorded in the UK currently.

Maybe something for Boris and his lot to look into implementing?

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