KFC Introduce Incredible Looking New ‘Slab Burger’

It feels as though the only good news that is breaking nowadays is coming from fast food franchises, with the likes of Ronald and the Colonel taking turns to thrust new creations on the world to do their best to distract us all from the horror show that is the Coronavirus pandemic.

And this time round, Big Daddy Sanders is stepping up to the plate to deliver something truly special.

Introducing ‘The Slab’, coming to a KFC near you. In Australia. But still, just look at it.

How does six mini burgers sound? All packed into one giant burger and crammed with popcorn chicken and cheese? Where do we book our flights to the Land Down Under?

OK, we’re moving to Australia. Image: KFC

Kristi Woolrych, CMO at KFC Australia, said, “We’re thrilled to announce The Slab is now available on KFC menus across the country.

“We listened to our fans, and it’s now available across all our restaurants for everyone to tuck into and enjoy! Made with our iconic popcorn chicken and soft bread rolls, we’ve no doubt our fans will go crazy for this new creation. But get in quick because it’s not going to be around forever.”

The Slab actually made it’s very limited debut last October in Ballarat, drawing customers from across the country to sample it’s delights. But now until 2nd November The Slab is going nationwide.

Now, if we could just get it to emigrate over here, please, Colonel? Nice one.

(h/t LADbible)

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