Scaffolder Pranks Roofer Mate On Date With ‘Will You Marry Me’ Dessert Plate

What are friends for if they can’t stitch you up on a first date? 

A Glasgow scaffolder pulled a brilliant prank after he organised a desert plate decorated with the words “Will You Marry Me” be sent to his mate who was on a first date. 

Stephen Durand, 38, who works as a roofer, looked absolutely stunned when the lights in the restaurant were dimmed and the desert was brought over to his table, along with a bottle of Prosecco and excited restaurant staff.

The moment the plate was brought over. Image Credit Michael Docherty/

According to the Metro, the baffled woman told waiting staff’ “this 100% is not ours” as the romantic cheesecake was placed in front of them.

It turns out the prank was all the work of Stephens mate, Lee, who called up the the restaurant, pretend to be Stephen, told them he was planning on proposing that evening and paid £140 for the whole elaborate scheme.

You might be thinking £140 sounds pretty steep for a bottle of cheesecake and bottle of Prosecco and you would be 100% right. 

£100 of that was what he paid his other friend Michael, so that he would be in the restaurant to capture the reaction on camera.

Money well spent in my opinion.

Quality prank. Image Credit Michael Docherty/

Speaking to the Metro, Lee, who works as a scaffolder said: “We’ve been laughing about it, about an hour before his date I phoned the restaurant and pretended to be him and said I was going to propose.

“Stephen was just laughing, the girl was a bit embarrassed”

“I got a friend to go in and and film it and paid for his dinner, Stephen doesn’t even know him.”

“He was there with a picture of Stephen’s face.

“It was £140 for the prank but it was worth it.”

No word yet if Stephen got a second date. 

Caught out. Image Credit Michael Docherty/

(H/T Metro)

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