Lad Hires Escort. Best Mate’s Mum Turns Up

A situation that sounds like a scene in American Pie has come true for one lad, after he booked an escort for an evening of anonymous fun…only for his best mate’s mum to turn up.

Before we go on, I want you to put yourself in the situation and imagine your best mate’s mum turning up at your door like this. Got the image? Good. Keep reading.

A man only known as ‘James’, who has been in the Army for 6 years, has always struggled to build long term relationships due to the nature of his work and time spent away from home.

As a result, the hiring of escorts have been a great solution to his desire for physical intimacy on a no strings attached basis.

That was until one evening when things got…uncomfortable.

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Speaking to the Mirror, he anonymously booked an escort from a site that only showed the women’s body.

“I was buzzing. I have always had a thing for the MILF look so I decided to go for a woman who had a sexy head-mistress vibe.

“She didn’t show her face in her photos but her body, and what she said she’d do on her profile was enough to grab my attention.”

How it was done in the old days. Image credit Pixabay

After arranging a place to meet, James waited patiently when finally a car pulled up and he “opened the door and who was stood in front of me? My best friend’s mum.”

“I just thought, s***, this is awkward”.

According to his story, the friend’s mum took control of the situation and acted as if they didn’t know each other and yes, they completed the transaction as normal.


There was a pact of solidarity made later on however, when the pair discussed the situation and agreed that the friends mate could never find out and this was strictly business. 

We did make a clear agreement at the end that it would have to be kept a secret. No one could know.”

“The fact I’ve seen her on several occasions since would also make it 100 times worse, for obvious reasons.”

But here’s the absolute kicker – James knows that his mate uses the exact same escort agency, Ennvy.

We’ll keep you posted if there’s a follow up to this story!

(H/T Mirror)

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