Five New Items Are Coming To McDonald’s Next Week

As if receiving the news of the triple cheeseburger’s addition to the menu wasn’t enough great McDonald’s news for one year, Ronald and his mates are treating us to another FIVE new items from next week.

Oh, and two of the new additions are the McChicken BLT and a SPICY QUARTER POUNDER.

Excited yet?

The McChicken BLT sees bacon and tomato hop on board a classic menu staple, while the quarter pounder is getting fired up with two slices of pepper jack cheese, jalapeños and spicy ketchup.

YES PLEASE. Image: McDonald’s

But spice isn’t the only extra option you’ll now have with your quarter pounders.

You can also opt for the Quarter Pounder deluxe, which comes with streaky bacon, cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.

And how about some new nacho cheese wedges to accompany one of your new burgers? Because they’re making a triumphant return from next Wednesday also as both a regular box and share box, priced at £1.79 and £4.79 respectively.

Why have a normal quarter pounder when you can go DELUXE? Image: McDonald’s

Then you can wash all of that down with a refreshing salted caramel latte. Perfection.

Roll on 7th October!

(h/t LADbible)

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