Pringles Advent Calendars Are Here To Save 2020

Let’s face it, even with three months remaining, 2020 is a write off and has been for some time now. So with just under 100 days of this utterly grim year left to endure, we’re going to take whatever victories we can. And one such victory has just been announced.

B&M is delivering a more savoury approach to advent with a Pringles advent calendar as an alternative to the traditional chocolate offerings that are so regularly devoured between 1st-24th December.

This is a bit more exciting than your regular advent calendar. Image: B&M

The calendars contain 12 pots of Pringles, one for each day of Christmas (so technically are they Christmas calendars or Advent calendars? Who cares, tbh, it’s 12 tubs of Pringles). The dozen will be evenly split among four classic flavours: Original, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion and BBQ.

For just £7.99 this crispy calendar could be your’s this festive season. Or you could just go out and buy loads of Pringles anyway, which is what everyone does around Christmas, isn’t it?

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