Man Arrested After Erecting Huge Wooden Penis Wants To Keep It Up

Usually, when a struggle is involved with maintaining an erection, little blue pills are seen as the answer. But in the case of one New Yorker, it’s quite a different situation altogether.

Jamie Gagné, a carpenter based in Wilton, New York, carved a 7ft love length with a chainsaw on his front lawn as a protest at being unable to secure a permit that would allow him to complete a workshop outside his home.

Gagné has revealed it was his wife’s idea to carve the phallic image, although it was he who was arrested on a charge of displaying offensive sexual material. He pleaded not guilty in court last Tuesday (22nd September).

In an interview with CBC, the Montreal born 32-year-old claimed he had grown frustrated at being ignored and decided to ‘kind of brute force a conversation’.

‘Murica. Image: GoFundMe

State Police told Gagné to take down the carving before State Troopers turned up to inform the carpenter that they had received complaints. Gagné, however, has revealed passers by had found the pinewood boner hilarious.

Gagné did initially remove the sign from his front garden and moved it behind his house. However, it then made a triumphant return with an ‘Adults Only’ sign spray painted across it.

Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen said of the charges, “This is trying to protect the issue of potential exploitation in a sexual manner, particularly as it relates to protecting children.”

Gagné is now fighting to have the charges dropped, explaining to WNYT, “It’s just a giant piece of wood. 

“You think about going to a park and there’s a statue of a little boy peeing or there’s a marble statue of a bare-breasted woman.

“This is a clear First Amendment right. One person is offended versus dozens of people that were complimenting me.”

Gagné has also set up a GoFundMe campaign to help protect what he is describing as his ‘yard art’. We don’t know about any of you, but that’s a campaign we can happily get behind. Especially if it ends up resulting in more hilarious ‘yard art’ in the future.

(h/t CBC)

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