Plumbers Uncover Enormous Mutant Rat While Cleaning Underground Sewers

In a truly terrifying and hilarious ordeal, Mexico City plumbers made a remarkable discovery while dredging out the city sewers when they came across, quite literally, a gigantic rat. 

Following a recent downpour of rain and part of an operation to remove 22 tonnes of waste from the sewers, plumbers got the fright of their life as they turned a corner and saw, what appeared to be, a mutant size rat.

So what actually was it? Well it was a giant rat…just not a real one.

I don’t care if this is fake I’d still run from it

As reported by the Daily Star, the “vermin” was actually a Halloween prop that had been washed out of it’s warehouse by the storm. The decoration somehow ended up in the labyrinthine network of sewer tunnels, where it sat undiscovered for years — until now.

Now I know we’re tough in the trade, but surely this sight would’ve sent a fair few tradesmen straight back up the sewer in record time. 

Image Credit: Jam Press

The footage of workers hosing down this incredibly realistic prop has since gone viral and the owner of it has come forward as well.

The owner, Evelin López, said she created the rat from scratch for Halloween but it had gone missing “years ago” during a torrential downpour, and no one could help her retrieve it.


(H/T Daily Star)

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