Woman Smashes Wine And Eggs At Co-Op In Protest Of One Way System

A disgruntled shopper unhappy with Co-Op’s Covid-19 safety procedures has been caught on CCTV having a meltdown for the ages – smashing bottles of wine, eggs and threatening staff at a store in Surrey.

The customer allegedly became incensed after being asked by staff at the Lingfield store to follow the coronavirus one-way system in place.

Cue mass carnage. 

In footage released by the Co-Op, workers could only look in horror and fear as the woman went on a rampage by throwing eggs and other food items everywhere before making her way to the alcohol aisle.

Speaking to Metro, one worker, who wished to remain anonymous, described how the woman began screaming at her and a colleague before rushing to the alcohol aisle and knocking items off the shelves. 

CCTV of the outburst, which happened in May but emerged today, shows the angry shopper smashing up several bottles of wine, leaving a trail of glass and destruction on the floor.

Before leaving the store she is seen threatening staff while smashing the protective perspex screen at the front counter before aggressively shouting, “I’ve done nothing wrong…NOW I HAVE!” 

The Co-op worker said she ‘froze’ during the ordeal and felt ‘terrified’ about what the the woman would do next. She said it was not the first time she’s experienced violence in store and said key workers like her need more support amid rising levels of abuse during the pandemic. 

‘Just last year I was actually punched in the face by a female customer because I had refused to serve her alcohol as she was clearly intoxicated,’ she said. ‘I’m still recovering from the mental strain that this has caused me’ in a statement obtained by Metro.

Following Boris Johnson’s announcement last night she must be absolutely seething right now. 

(H/T Metro/Ladbible)

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